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Aranien: The big Interview

Ancient secrets, exotic dancers, fairy-tale adventure, is Aranien. But even those who’ve always wanted to see a Jinn, or a Sphinx, here is the right address! Exactly a month from today, i.e. on 24. October, appears to be of this exciting corner of Aventuria, the new game help The Dornenreich.

For “Dornenreich” was a whole team of writers at work, this has worked damn well, so our impression is, at least. More about the work of the authors to find out, seemed to be not easy, but unicorn Queery has eight writers of the drive caught, and in his Interview, “the squeeze”. Correct, you would have to hook in here, however, and hold that the author and authors encouragingly forthcoming, so that a information came from a rich behind-the-Scenes about.

So if you more about the mages, gods, demons, and arts of Dornenreich want to know, then swings the aranischen war fan and clicked on this LINK!

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