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5 questions to: OrkenspalterTV

In our section5 questions for… is to small and big DSA fan-projects the opportunity to be given, at irregular intervals. Today, Mháire Stritter and Nico out this your project OrkenspalterTV .

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What makes your product, OrkenspalterTV? (or: What OrkenspalterTV is and how it all started?)


Thomas Pride is, as is so often to blame. Sometime in early 2009, he asked us, if we don’t want to turn up for his platform a couple of Videos on the usual Cons that should then end up in his download portal. At the time, Thomas me the server has provided the place and the Videos were simply his proposal for a counter-performance. You have to say, that at that time still not entirely clear how big Youtube would be – and the Videos to Download to offer, appeared to Thomas as a valid Alternative. On our since 2006-existent Youtube channel had accumulated to this point in time, but already some LARP Videos, and the first Version of our DSA-Fanfilms, and was then changed quickly on this platform. With time, more and more Con-reports were added, in addition, some Gaming parodies, which we had easy buck, and finally, reviews. But a solid structure, a concept or an objective. First, when we started from 2011, then in the case of PC Games and Buffed as video editors and the Chance to got to reach a larger audience with our issues, came halfway serious Labels on the different formats that have maintained until today. The channel and its aims have changed with time, of course. At the beginning, we have made it easy just because we could (at the time I shot with the same Equipment, I worked my regular job as a video journalist and I wouldn’t be a shame not to use those funds for something that to me was fun). Then it was more of a DSA-Fan-thing, and we were going to report much about our favorite role-playing game. Today, the objective is much more: The fascination of role-playing to impart, newcomers to pick up, and an authentic view on the core of this nerdy of all the scenes most.


I have little to add, except that we, of course, also in the area of Comics, browse around and try to bring role-players for comic reading and comic readers, role-play. The intersection is already often. One of our main areas of Franco-Belgian Comic strip that can be used in the scene is often a bit compared to the DC/Marvel market power, but in many respects a wicked and imaginative, and excellent fodder for the imagination.

How has your work and mode of production from earlier today changed?


Since we didn’t really structure in one of the formats has changed a lot. The Knowledge, instead of reaching a few dozen people all of a sudden thousands will change the way you approach things. I don’t want to say that we have become “mainstreamiger”, but we’ll get to feel all the more faster, if we try something Crazy and ask this more often, how and where and in what doses we use elements such as talking stuffed animals, Lego’s staging of DSA adventures or invented Youtube enemies. Otherwise, of course, we have now different Equipment, we bring three to five Videos a week instead of one to two per month and make a lot more in the Live Stream, this ratio ever meet. Let’s Plays have become in the last few years, becoming more and more important. We are now in the 5. Year and initially was not clear to us that it would be of interest to many people, if we play something for you and you for sometimes eight hours of Stream watching. I’ve learned that Anything longer than three minutes, is too long. One can be fooled.


Especially the shift towards more live streams and also in the “from canned Videos” less Text from the Off, but more easy to speak freely, have a lot of our approach changed. That usually means more preparation, and less follow-up and especially in the case of the live streams direct feedback to what we do. This makes the Talk in front of the camera less “lonely” and, therefore, I find the live streams is often more pleasurable than normal recordings in the Studio. We have a Studio is one of the latest and greatest changes and it is only thanks to Patreon. Previously, we have hired the Studio of PC Games “” or in your own living room turned. This is the absolute luxury that we can do it but in spite of the significantly larger space, still at some point, all with chairs and Equipment.

How have you financed before you started with Patreon?


Not at all. We simply have to put a lot of private money in gasoline and technology. Video equipment I had lying around anyway. Patreon has ultimately changed one thing: That we don’t have to produce Orkenspalter TV still in the evening, but also simply a day or maybe even a whole week for a Video of the time. We have lost some customers, of course. And we can now proclaim as a goal in life, to want of Patreon life, I don’t trust the platform then enough. So, will continue to be “working properly”, starting on less.


What Nico says. A larger translation job for a video game meant to then be able to times more time in other things plug in, including Orkenspalter TV. Overall, it has become a matter of course, to constantly build something, Tinker or prepare to turn. That financed a good part of itself, is strange, amazing and a little scary, because it could change at any time.

You see game you in 20 years with a camera on Roll-Conventions running around?


Very good question. I hope that there are still role-playing Conventions. But probably we are connected then all so well and with great Cyber-implants equipped, that anyone can theoretically stream constantly live and people like us are no longer necessary. The Con-dates are now also believe the greatest fun of all of our everyday life and I, the duration of the “Audition” and the Entertainment factor is more important than the information on fair novelties. Either we are doing exactly that in 20 years – or at least we have younger minions, the drive for us to Cons. If I’m wrong with everything, but I am also ready, with an old Hi8 camera, the irradiated Wastelands in search of survivors, role-playing a visit to the authors by the strip and the double-headed Patric Götz, Uli Lindner-mutants in his Bunker in Köln.


Per Patric Götz, Uli Lindner-Mutant with two heads. Then you would have would be getting both together at the appointment and the Doodle-time determination easier.

If your project would be a DSA character, which would he be?


Probably a that we have installed in a Myranor-adventure as a silly Gag on the edge: The nomadic mercenaries, the Black owl.


Is the black owl a Haimenschen geretconned? I’m almost more for Tyriarchos from the guardians of the Empire campaign. A minor character that was once meant for a Solo – a Technomant, have fun and maybe people from his abilities to convince, but often enough flying things in the air or he no longer distracts himself thoroughly enough to know exactly what he wanted. In addition, he has a fish head.

But if the question is more to the classic Aventuria: Probably more of a Avesgeweihter, even if the Name, of course, a Weidener Ritter or Thorwaler close.

The Youtube channel of Orkenspalter.TV

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