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5 questions for: Frosty Pen&Paper Online


In our section 5 questions for… is to small and big DSA fan-projects the opportunity to be given, at irregular intervals. Today Frosty of Frosty Pen&Paper Online the 5 questions.

Do you have a DSA project, you in the framework of the ‘5 questions’ imagine? Write to us at!

What is Frosty Pen&Paper Online?

Frosty Pen&Paper Online is a Youtube channel that deals with topics related to Pen&Paper . OrkenspalterTV is of course also a great role model, but I have me more of a focus on the recorded rounds of the game. Reviews, Live Streams and Interviews came later.

I’m running at the moment, every Sunday, a round of the game with DSA 4.1 rules and then after a short section of 30 minute Videos online. Thematically, the deals Campaign to time call the Prequel to Bahamut, the Bloody lake, in the Hero is on a own demon ark on the pearl sea. If this Adventure is soon completed, we with a short time jump to the year Fire and want to destroy all Heptarchen. The Whole is more and more become a giant Sandbox, in the each city approached, can be recruited, mercenaries, and ships boarded.

In addition to the regular DSA-rounds, there will be some rounds to other Systems to introduce and to test. I have “Let’s Plays” to Cthulhu, Sliver moon, Game of Thrones, and Hexxen 1733 on the channel, want more still Follow.

The live streams are concerned rather with the role-playing game theory, or individual selected topics can also influence the audience. The Chat is in the process, actively involved, and questions the emergence of openly discussed. We provide Tips and Tricks on topics such as adventure and campaign planning, Game or error, and NoGoes the Pen&Paper. The guests that we invite to us, change often, so many different impressions can be collected.

How to change the feel of the table Online?

Many can’t Dodge properly introduce your table to the Internet as here, much is lost. However, I have made the experience that some of the new Elements do not come on the table.

Many skeptics say that facial Expressions and Gestures of the game Manager’s absence and therefore feelings not correctly expressed. If the group does not cameras (it there are also a lot of other Youtubers who stream with a Webcam), then something must with the resources of the language to be communicated. This is something that can be learned need generates after that, but in my eyes, the more Immersion.

All of the senses want to be served and if the missing See, the other all the more stronger. I describe the smells, sounds, or how something feels or tastes. A further advantage of the Software is, but see below. In addition, there are no long how to arrive to the game Manager. If someone after 10 Hours of hard work, comes home, he needs to turn on only the Computer, the Teamspeak connecting to a server and off you go. There are no chip bags rustling, everyone can make his own food or make coffee.

Our table round sometime even in spite of 10 minutes on Teamspeak changed, simply because we have with the Software is more options. We can embed short audio tracks or entire Soundtracks silent running. Maps of the city and mood of the images do not need to be expressed and then among the coffee cups, but are always right in front of them on the screen.

What is the fascination of Lets Plays?

I don’t like round the concept of “Let’s Plays” for my game. What are the lies, I do not know exactly, but I suspect these formats are know in the first place for the viewers produced. This is the Pen&Paper and the recording of laps more less and less the case. I run primarily for my players of the round.

The fascination, however, the other during Play and even great can watch Youtuber’t really explain. Mostly it is a sense of community, what gives it is as if one is watching the big brother Play. I’m also trying simply by replying to comments under the Videos, or Off-round Tutorials for “Yourself”. Earlier, the circle of 5-6 friends was very small, the Internet and Youtube were still a novelty and there was no comparison. How play other people that don’t live here? Why are you doing this differently now? By the now very large Pen&Paper Youtube scene now you have the Chance to other to anxious to look over the shoulder or join in the excitement, and hope. I look in addition to my own round also many other streamers and also, since it can only recommend to take a look about the plate edge.

What Tools are you using and how do you prepare cards?

In addition to Teamspeak for voice communication there are different Tools that I more or less can Recommend. First of all, here is Roll20 mentioned, what is its purpose met, and the basic version is free. A lot of other streamers in the area the browser-based program, I can a lot of the Whole but not a victory in that. Fantasy Grounds is a paid program and will be used to cube to have quickly to hand. We invite our heroes from the hero software high and single can with a single click of a Talent, attribute, or damage dice Seconds to see how many of the asterisk (*TAP*) are left, how good or bad the sample is was, or what the hardship may be reduced. I have on my channel also a Video of the program, where I understand the Ruleset to explain. There is no Gerechne more, so DSA is 4.1 degrees for new players very easy to learn. For 5.0 there is unfortunately still nothing…

The lion’s share of the Software makes Maptool. The Java-based System can any on Computer independent. from the operating system to be used and serve me for cards and Mood pictures (Video: urban design with Maptool from Frosty Pen&Paper, Online). I can drag cities up and with a Token work. Every single building label and with the information from the book. I take for example, the Garethbox, the Wealth of information is hardly available, no matter how well I prepare myself. Here I just click on the house and see who lives there, what their Motivation is to offer what is the plot here.

I oak my cards, If I move my Token is a unit, then the also in Gareth exactly one Meter. Very useful for fighting, if I assault from four Meters, the plane or the extra damage for the bow to be calculated. There are no Demands for more who is where, how many enemies there are and who is just is injured. By the tokens on the map so there is something for all to see, anyone can The information he/she needs myself. It makes fights incredibly quickly, and immersively. I can also work with fog of War or line of sight. If an opponent behind a Bush or a corner, then he will not be seen. The The enemy in the back, then the player does not see him.

If your project would be a DSA character, which would he be?

A serious question… I suspect the project a young RHEAS would be a Nazarite from Gareth, trying to to travel around anywhere in the country and Knowledge. This is the reason why I started the project. I wanted to other rounds to show how a Online game round could look like, if I want something more Preparation time put in to do the players some Good. I always find it a very sad day when Online rounds, only Skype or TS use, and the Ways not to use them. There are also players in other groups, the game then out of boredom, a computer turn on, because you otherwise only on TS / Skype stare. In such cases, do not get only the players but also the game head of a cane on the buttocks. Finally, a sermon of the RHEAS consecrated: Give the Online role-playing game a Chance, at least, it can be a great addition to the table.

Channel idea of Frosty Pen&Paper Online

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We would like to thank you for answering the questions and point out the up to 31.3. a contest with the gods-righteous 12 questions and 12 Win for the subscribers of Frosty Pen&Paper Online runs.

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