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Die Überlebenden Speer-Phalanx

The Banner of the Survivors: The red spear-Phalanx

After the year of fire is the area around Weir’s home by the de facto dissolution of the Principality of Darpatien between 1028 to 1036 BF to the so-called wild mark. Some of the refugees and mercenaries that are after the Invasion Rhazzazors and Galottas on the Mediterranean Empire and the destruction of the military home and life, are flocking there, to the leader of Jarla Erlbach.

Unicorn and NPC-blacksmith Felixilius has these mercenaries , The Surviving for you life en détail filled: From the internal organization, the relations to the outside as enemies or allies, the important members and their functions to more or less well gehüteteten secrets. Here, everything is for immediate use for the game line.

To the NSC-forge #3

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