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Earth Star Competition-Evaluation

Our little competition on the occasion of the earth-star-concert-crowd funding is over. Requested were scenes from the game table, which have remained thanks to their musical background in the memory. There were ten valid submissions, from which we fished three winners and have contacted. Of course, we want to let those not in our email subjects covered in dust, but here enriched with a couple of nanduria tables experience – present. Since it was a particularly memorable pieces, is also the one or other adventure-final including. Important Points are about whitened, a spoiler warning we want to at this point, nevertheless speak.

The players had come across in DSA twice the opportunity to Borbarad.
For the first Time (in the port city of Festum) I played on the CD Player I use the TERMINATOR theme and at the same time announce that the legendary Borbarad was.
The second Time (weeks later) had the hero of the occasion Borbarad by a black eye to observe, until he then to the heroes turned and with his half-divine magic a of heroes case.
I again played the TERMINATOR theme and the heroes got away with a giant dread.
That was my favorite event, I like to tell.

For the fight scenes, in my last campaign, I used the same music, which has played the tension well. Of course, this was also easier for me, but it had a fascinating effect: at the end of the campaign, after a dozen game nights, the fights were always accompanied by the same music, it was only the beginning of the battle music, in order to enable my players immediately into combat readiness.
I remember clearly a Moment in which the heroes were their rivals (the you the whole campaign on the slip were) and I started the fight music. One of my players was excited at once: “we are against the fighting.” And if, after the successful struggle of the other (always the same) victory music was played, it was the Grin of my players even wider. I think these are the moments in which one is as a game Manager for all his efforts rewarded.

It was the Finale of nightmare without end , and the awakening to the fateful night was started by “Sunrise” from Straussens “also sprach Zarathustra”-sound – goose bumps!

The best I can remember my first use of music in role-playing game at all – until then we had neither in the Background nor on special occasions Sound. Reason was a suggestion for the master in the DSA adventures “elven blood“, the gloomy organ playing the boss in the final musical. Particularly recommended was Pink Floyd’s “Careful with that axe, Eugene“. Because to me the Live version from Pompeii concert liked a lot better, I recorded the song with a tape recorder in front of a running video. The effect was bombastic, because alone the idea of play, so to speak, a suitable Soundtrack to the adventure, for us, something totally new was. Today, I would use other music, but in the eighties it has to work, even in the absence of coherent Alternatives, perfect. The relatively bad sound quality was not perceived, the listening habits accordingly, then as disturbing.

An extremely mismatched background music I found recently, for the scene at the beginning of the Phileasson Saga as the ship between two icebergs trapped is: “Drifting” by Necrophorus Album “Drifting in Motion“. The oppressive atmosphere was wonderful to read in the faces of the players. So this Passage was considerably more dramatic than it really was.

With the music of earth I had a funny Situation than to fight, “Snow Creatures” from “Into the White” and a player who, despite a months-long break between the sessions, said: “Hey, we’ve been in the Shakagra!”. Thanks to the detailed descriptions in the Booklets, I found quickly what else. Extra, where no one found the double layer is actually bad.

Here I would like to head an unforgettable scene from my recent past as a game. My players were in the dream-traveling the country to organize certain things. For this purpose, they used a Ritual that graced your mind in the dream body project. I’ve decided that you have to play the Ritual at the table. This is one of my good friends has carved a staircase out of wood, which was the focus. Now, each player had to recite the ritual formula, and then the focus to the next player. The last player had to put the stairs on the table, where you screwed up in-game in the ground and the path in the dream world opened.
The Accompanying title for this scene in Mirage” from “Into the gold””
As they climbed down the stairs that rose to them from below, warm air and slow Sand showed up on the steps to the more and more, the deeper they went. It was getting warmer and hotter, until they arrived, finally, at the end of the staircase, and right in the middle of a desert. As you entered, discovered zueilten the players a caravan station on the you, while the sun down was on fire.
The Accompanying title for this scene Incarnation” from “Into the gold””.
One of my players came to this round to me and said with glowing eyes, this scene was great, and he felt the heat at the game table. The scene was without music, but the Soundtrack has caused us all goose bumps.
I can thank earth star only. Join me now for some time and enrich my role rounds of the game immensely.

I’ve used my friends and some of the pieces from “Into the Gold”, to accompany my self-written adventures in the Balash. We also had three young players (between 9 and 12 years). First of all, everything in Rashdul, in the case of the thief of the group wanted to investigate a bit of its appeal (Soundtrack Bazar) began.
They were very impressed.
As I have another scene with the Soundtrack of “the Caravan Route” under-painting and then in the course of the song, with matching Playmobil male (Princess in a Sari on a decorated horse-riding elephants amongst palm trees) which supports the mood even further. ?
The Oriental pieces have a super fit and could run in the Background on repeat.
PS: the o. g. adventure is soon to appear as a Hero. ?

>>SPOILER: it is a scene from the 6. Adventures of the Phileasson-Saga.
Our master had picked out this song, and every Time I hear it, it reminds me of this game night. For a better understanding of the text, you should read the piece “Norwegian pirate” from “Two Steps From Hell” and listen to the minutes details in mind.
Seven string spins you the following yarn:
“It was on an old ship in the middle of the relentless Sargasso sea. We defended ourselves valiantly against the hranngar hatching, the wanted to kill us off. With each blow of our Axes and swords, we cut down the vermin, but more and more and more enemies came. It was in that Moment, as the Otta threatened to fall to the enemy’s Superiority to the victims, as from the endless Mists of the call of a bugle loud. (0:00 – 0:26 min)
We were shocked at first, because who approached also always there, we would be well-disposed hardly friendly. However, the hranngar hatching, no further support seemed to have caused, on the contrary, they withdrew from the battle and listened to. As the Horn sounded for the second Time. (0:26 – 0:35 min)
The vermin crawled carefully in all directions to find the originator of the call. The Otta enjoyed the short Moment of the Fight, and took the opportunity to collect and regroup. At the same time a tiny spark began to grow hope in us. The third call rang out. (0:35 – 0:44 min)
Now the hranngar identified by hatching in the direction from which the Blasts had come, and they rushed forth to meet the newcomers. Just before we could lose them in the dense mist from the eyes, the average of the Scream a fourth Time, the cloudy air. (0:44 – 0:56 min)
Suddenly, a bright light flared, so bright that we had to shield our eyes. It was a meter-long jet of Flame that scorched the forefront of the vile brood with his heat mercilessly. (0:56 – 1:05 min)
As the fire went out, followed him, cold steel, pierced in the body of the hranngar breeding. One enemy after Another fell under the attacks of the newcomers, which were due to the poor visibility remains hidden from our Gaze. (1:05 – 1:14 min)
Nevertheless, our captain seemed to have already an idea who had taken up the fight against the hranngar breeding, and a Smile in his face. Meanwhile, the Supreme Hranngar seemed to be whether this unexpected turn of the battle to be raging with anger. It sent all of his warriors in the battle and was left alone. (1:14 – 1:23 min).
We recognized our opportunity and we plunged in with a loud “For Swafnir” and with new entfachtem fight into battle. After a hard fight, we finally managed, with the help of the newcomers, the hranngar hatching back… (1:23 – 2:59min) <<

We played The Black eye and were joined with our group of heroes of the army. The orcs advanced on the capital and we were allowed to make the First row of Skirmishers. The old, old people, confused the captain ordered the advance, and rode with his horse vorrann. The arrows struck the ground between our lines and the captain rushed straight on, until he was barely visible. While we fought for our lives the captain was surrounded and fell in battle.
As if by a miracle we arrived in one piece back home and were honored for our courage and our honor.
Everything was of a serious music beautiful musical accompaniment.
The battle on the Silkwiesen will never be forgotten.

For me, two funny scenes are remained by the musical accompaniment in my head:
– In the Dark ages we had a fight against chimeras, in which two characters with the retreat of the rest should cover, the beat hard. A fighter was very korgläubig and was the first to brave the chimeras. The burglar of the group, a Axxeleratus-magic dilletant, came to her for help. The former hacked the chimeras and fought off their attacks – if you or your opponents turn, was the epic Soundtrack of 300 played. The burglar provoked, however, the chimeras and ran them under the action of the Axxeleratus. Because the player is the extremely funny described, put the game in the Initiative Phase of the burglar Ragtime . The discrepancy was enhanced for the funny effect, and the fight is not remained as a cube Orgy, but as a humorous, fun experience.
– Also, at DSA, but not in the Dark ages, had to catch up with the group in a zwilichtigen dive in the Black Land in the pirate-coast information. To paint the scene, put the game head to the Cantina Song from Star Wars. The heroes were as hardened adventurers, even though the players in the ass to teach them a lesson went. This is also a wonderful role-playing experience.

A scene I particularly stuck in your memory, this is the Finale of the kingmakercampaign with the appearance Shafirs, accompanied by the corresponding pieces of the official king makers-Soundtracks. This went on under the skin!

As it is in the phileasson Saga on the hunt for the sea snakes went, I left just before the fight Phileasson an encouraging speech, the I on Dragonborn from the Skyrim Soundtrack timed was the highlight of the speech was, of course, exactly at 0:35. The reunion with one of the two in the cemetery of the sea snakes I could then as a Reprise of the One They Fear , and the “round 2” Herald.

At the final of the phileasson Saga I had effectively as much time on the search of music, such as on the preparation for the actual game round spent and end up with 30 Tracks for two game nights since. Started it with the Soundtrack of Assassin’s Creed 2 for the Infiltration in Norburg. The change of heart of Beorn, the former adversary of the hero, was held to be Full of Fine Promises from the Beowulf Soundtrack. In the final battle, under the old I with a mixture of Dragon Age: Inquisition (for example, Doom Upon All the World) and Darkest Dungeon (including Combat in the Ruins). For the subsequent vision quest served me, among other things, to the Soundtrack of Silent Hill 1 (e.g., For All) for Fenvariens nightmarish captivity, and then in the peace of Djanilla with the Soundtrack of Legend of Korra. The recovery from Fenvarien to To Heal it was by the players, in retrospect, with “Right in the feels!” is described.

Warning: this article was automatically translated from German and might be inaccurate
© Nandurion

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