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The Ratcon(s) 2019

This year I had the good fortune in connection with a small trip to Europe on the Ratcon Limburg, so the Ratcon Berlin to go. In fact, it was even the first Time I was ever on a real Con. I’m doing this report just a virtue out of necessity, and to report from the point of view of a very virgin Congängers. But we no longer with preliminaries, but start immediately with the Ratcon Berlin.

For the first time this year, in addition to the Ratcon Limburg is also a spin-off in the Federal capital. The Ratcon Berlin was affiliated to the Berlin Board game Con and took place from 19. to 21. July. I was able to secure me in advance for Nandurion a press ticket and had access to the launch event on Friday, while the General Public visited without a special Badge only on Saturday the exhibition hall.

Slightly too early I came to shortly after 18 o’clock at the Berlin Station and was able to enter after a few (self-inflicted) complications – I had confused the two Ratcon Tickets and showed, of course, the Limburg – the Fairgrounds prior to the Opening. The opportunity to take a first look at the still in the development stage exhibition hall of the Berlin Board game Con, which was closed at 19 o’clock with the inlet to the rest of the visitors then gave it to me.
As well as, later, in Limburg, guests of the Ratcon got at the information booth in the programme booklet and a short adventure in the hero factory-Format – “hope in the darkness”, the Prequel to the latest installment of the splinters of dusk cycle “Iron flames”. As the first outside of Ulisses I was able to also view the Aventurian pandaemonium, which there, in addition to the meta-band “desire to do research & role-playing” and the Dark times novel “Black Wings – the blood of the Castesier II” was released.

In the following two days I visited the various DSA-panel and was able to entertain myself with some of the authors and editors such as Nikolai High, John Kaub and Christian Nehling very well and ask questions. The latter gave me a little Teaser on his further work for DSA, and told me that he was working on a hero factory in Svellttal and in collaboration with another author on a further 96-page adventure strip, which is if possible still this year should appear. In addition, I learned DSA-personalities, like the Grolm from the DSA-the Museum, the DSA-Let’s Play-group the Inn at Rolling dice or Kai from the DSA Blog Four heroes and a rogue for the first time to know and was me with Mrs Derya owl witch of Nandurion and a player from one of my own meetings. (Just the Grolm thanks again for the cool gift in the Basil audit 😉 ).

DSA-editor Nikolai High and Heiko from the Inn to the Rolling dice

Even if I was not able to participate in rounds of the game, these were apparently very popular and it is met at any time of role-players in the Ratconhalle. The connection to the Board game Con was also ensured that some of the Board, the player could take a look to our nice Hobby and I could always watch time and again, die-hard Board game players interested in the words of Ulisses-authors listened to.

All in all, I found the Ratcon Berlin to be quite successful. With the Panels, the Nexus of Berlin, advertised rounds of the game, a DSA-escape room of Countdown Kaufbeuren, various illustrators, and Godicon you came here entirely on his own cost. The relative novelty of this Ratcon provided, in addition to that, that we could talk very well longer with the people of Ulisses. Through the connection to the already established Board game Con, there were also a variety of food trucks where you could pick up for cheap money to eat. Accordingly, I left Berlin for good things and with a lot of anticipation for the upcoming Ratcon Limburg.

Just three weeks later, it was time. From the 09. up to 11.08. should be the Ratcon, as in the previous years in the Stadthalle Limburg. However, it came in the run-up to some of the complications and, for example, the times of the various Panels is not fixed at all, until a few days before the start of the event final. Nevertheless, in spite of the weekend (seen from outside) from the delivery then quite liquid. The Panels started, if at all, only with some minutes of delay, the B-goods Stand was within a very short time looted and I was able to get the new products, such as Iron flame , and the reputation of The Bahalyr – star carrier” in for a closer look.

The Foyer of the Stadthalle Limburg

Again I met many personalities like the YouTuber Frosty Pen&Paper and Natalia of DSAmania, DSA-layout artist, Podcaster and book author Thomas Michalski or fantasy music composer , Ralf Kurtsiefer, met a player from one of my own rounds, could this time, even one round of the game, with the Mutant: year Zero and a great Keynote by Markus Plötz view. While there was some interesting news as to the future policy with pocket books, the DSA Collectors Club, the new DSA computer game The Book of Heroes, the Thorwal-Crowdfunding, the Orkenspalter-documentary film the Black eye and and and… I refer here to the colleagues of the part-time heroes and Nuntiovolo, the two fairly detailed article about the Keynote have written.

Also in this Ratcon had the Panels quite interesting to offer and I was able to, for example, a lot of the process of creation of Iron flame know. Thanks to my Twitter-live coverage of the Finger, which detracted from my fun but in no way burned me sometimes. In conversation with some Conveteranen I learned, moreover, that the Catering is apparently better than in the previous year, and an employee of Ulisses told me that it was still full as in the previous year. As is the case with the Berlin Ratcon some of the illustrators that work together with Ulisses on-the-spot, which could give his characters speak again. I even suggested in the case of DSA-cartographer Steffen Brandt and acquired a very nice in-game aventuria map.

Overall, worth it, this is one Ratcon for me. Not only is the good framework programme, especially the people you meet there and was able to speak, see to it that I’m looking forward now to next year, the next Ratcon. It is just this social component to all of the meeting people you know only online, in my opinion makes the special charm of such Conventions. Whether it be two, remains to be seen, but I’m definitely back next summer to Ratcon on-the-go and loot the B-Ware Stand.

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