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From the limbo: game for children with a love of the Golden Podcast

Blick in den LimbusOur current view in the data limbus rotates to urge to research the game fair, AVENT Uriah, the Golden Stephan, Podcasts, Rahja, background, worlds, tips for aspiring writers, and Wiki-love, Sexcrimes and StefZ radio plays in the Interview, as well as old and new fan projects.


Forschungsdrang und Rollenspiel - CoverEngor from Dereblick has already at the beginning of the week, the Scientific collection urge to research and role-play accepted, a fan project that tried to, the world of the black eye from the scientific perspective to shed light on. How much of the book Engors opinion, met this claim, you can read about on his Blog.
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Game Fair 2019 Gleaning

Spielemesse Essen 2019The game fair today is your last day in Essen, and also Nandurion for you on the spot and has diligently tweeted. But we were of course not the only ones.

Particularly noteworthy is the great live Ticker of PnPNewsthat every day there were and still are. I also had the pleasure of being the diligent Reporter Luke there to meet, only the hat, pull out in front of his great work.
“To the live Ticker (still running)

In addition, I have with me a while with Frosty by Frosty Pen&Paper there been as industrious and has his report ready. However, he presents only a summary of his many discussions and a number of images, but also his Loot.
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Also Engor of Engors Dereblick I could on the subsequent DSA Party meeting, which made me personally very pleased. So a good part of the former DSANews editorial was briefly reunited. He has also written a small report of his visit to the fair, although he was mainly private there.
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Prior to the Opening of the exhibition has Orkenspalter TV some Interviews, including with Patric Götz from Uhrwerk Verlag, the some news to announce, had, with the design team of the F-Shop booth, and with Truant games.
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By the game in 2019 – reporting, it is perhaps a bit lost, but there was an article about AVENT Uriah on Nandurion in cooperation with the Grolm. Discussed was the card deck Tjalva. Find out what the native Olporterin so special, and learn how the game AVENT Uriah.
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PEN&P – The Golden Stephan

PEN&P - Der goldene Stephan 2019The preliminary round for this year’s PEN&P price and the Golden Stephan is started. The role-playing game audience award is in his sixth year. In the current Phase, you can even role-playing games and role-playing products to nominate or nominated to select and vote for them. The ceremony itself will be on the Dreieich Con take place, and this year there will also be a special prize for lifetime achievement. (More on this again in the Podcasts below Limbus)
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Die Sendung mit dem AlrikToday we have a pretty big pile of Podcasts for you. Let’s go with the pretty new Podcast with Alrik. This time the goddess Rahja, but not a mere reproduction of issues in the DSA works. Two larpers inside, the Rahjageweihte embody, to talk about their experiences in the LARP. The Podcast is there purely in audio format, I link but on the Youtube Version, because there the two larpers on the inside, even on beautiful photos from the LARP can see.
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The Golden Stephan vs. other Gaster

Thematically, harder to classify is the nerdy trash talk from Philipp and Elea, but it is the rest of the Gaster (the Comic and adventure) shortly reviewed and it also goes again to the Golden Stephan, of the Philipps Blog Nerds against Stephan is awarded.
“To The Podcast

Background worlds

Eskapodcast LogoThe Eskapodcast starts a new series. And this background worlds. Since the preferences vary of course, but also of Aventuria has its advocates in the great round of Podcasters. Listen to it!
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Pen&Paper TubeStoffel of Pen&Paper Tube has StefZ radio plays caught and interviewed. The Video seems to be already in June have been turned, even if it was only recently released, nevertheless, it is very funny, approachable and informative.
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Writing and game tips

Tips for Writing, especially in relation to the role-playing game, is author Anton vest with Orkenspalter TV. Interesting for all writers and those who want it to be!
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In-game characters as a supervisor

Teilzeithelden.deIn some campaigns, you can drop the ladder, excuse me, work up. But what are the effects of can delegate the to the game, if one or more game characters of the other protrude, or an army of NPCs? Why should you create to something? This question of the part-time heroes.
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Sexcrimes in the middle ages

Donnerhaus.euLast week, I have a bit more to the thunder house written. This week, the series reaches over “Sexcrimes of history” the middle ages. Learn more about the catalogue of sins and what sin is God worse than others (I won’t go into Detail due to the perhaps young readers*of the interior). Anyone who feels ready to deal with the sin to without itself, just click on the Link below.
“To The Confessional


Wiki-Love 2019The action Wiki,-Love-2019 ends in a few days. But it is still involved enough time to! Who is a member of the DSAForum is, can even a Badge to earn, who does not, after all, immortal fame and glory. We give the Wiki Aventurica a little bit of love back.

Here are four arbitrary items, which were added in the framework of the action already new:

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