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From the Limbus: love goes through the stomach!

Blick in den LimbusA popular section is alive again, with a new Logo.

Our latest findings from the DSA data the limbus revolve around carnival pleasing food, new and old fan projects and beautiful Let’s Play.

Carnival of RPG-blogs

Karneval der RollenspielblogsIn February was the issue of plane and pilot. The theme in March is food and Clawdeen organized. A topic where everyone can join in the conversation – except for spirits, where the recall …

Who wants a culinary store prefer to remain silent, the Ausruferin also offers to make the city food thoughts. To me, the Fans organized a role-playing game-Con a is equal to that on 9. November will take place, and to the end of last year a test run . Or stop the GAME. And you?

What is the carnival of the role blogs play?

Monthly Motto of a role-playing game blog, will be able to participate in the other role-play blogs. The exclamation at the end of the Blog assumes the collection of the various contributions, which move through all of the role systems play and a colourful parade.

For readers this is a good opportunity to discover new Blogs and topics.
Who even at the carnival wish to participate, will find instruction in the RSP Forum.

You can participate either as an article writer or as an organizer. Also Nandurion has been more often on the carnival involved. Last updated with a post about gliders and pilots: Only flying is more beautiful.


Engors DereblickEngor adopted in the Dereblick of his time at DSANews and a recapitulation of the time in the news page once again. He thanked the readers and colleagues, and encouraged all readers to participate themselves in fan-projects, if you feel called to do so.
“the article

The dropped messages stick take meanwhile, the Nuntiovolo and and are you still on a regular basis with derischen news. And also Nandurion makes with the From the Limbus at this point already something more.


Frosty Pen&Paper Online musing on the cult of the nameless, his presentation in the role play and its use as a villain.
“for the Video

Remember: The dark eye – blade of Destiny for PC? Get your nostalgic feelings? Or do you not know what is happening, what is it? Kalle Games for you played. Pixel orcs for all!
“for the Video

Let’s play

Gasthaus zum Rollenden WürfelIn the Inn at rolling dice let you Heiko, Florian, Niko and Oscar on your DSA5-adventure in Nostria. Now, in the first episode, introduce the characters, and you can enter immediately in the very professional and sympathetic Let’s Play.
“for the Video

Frosty Pen&Paper OnlineFrosty Pen&Paper Online plays The battle in the clouds. There’s still hope for Gareth? Uncertain is located in front of the heroes. The efforts to protect the city? Hope seems a rare commodity in the light of the sky begins to darken by multitudes of demons. Here’s to the Share of uncertainty and a Black sky.

Clawdeen spieltLess epic, but no less interesting, is the Havena. Clawdeen Plays has a beginners round. The Basis of the played adventure is the DSA5-short-adventure – lights of Life out of the Havena-anthology seaman’s yarn & octopus silver, the here greatly shortened is played. Just the fifth of five Parts has been published, we will send you time to the beginning.
“part 1

StoffelStoffel has on his YouTube channel Ready Player Two is made, all heroes works to play through. After the witch’s dance plays, he is currently A Goblin, more or less.


Lining up for the carnival. How about because with …

  • Skyr – you want the KK your hero boost, but you not in the mood for a long workout? Tried it with the protein hammer from Thorwal
  • Can result – For all of the real seals! (No fur included)

Warning: this article was automatically translated
from German and might be inaccurate
© Nandurion

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