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From the Limbus, this Time without Fenia!

Blick in den Limbus BeitragsbildDear readers! Many times has caused us Fenia winter cold with your week’s overview is a great pleasure. This week it is clamped, however, so that I, poor Sirius must jump in here. I’ll do my Best, and I promise, the news of the week filtered completely admit subjectively more. In addition, everything to 100 % is maybe not always factual, but I hope you’ll forgive me. 😉


VierHeldenUndEinSchelmKai Frerich, the creators of “Four heroes and a rogue”, conducts a monthly survey. This time it went to the splinters of dusk, more precisely, the question is, what are the issues of this cycle are the most popular. This received in particular,”soul harvest” the best grades of the Community. Personally, I’ve never played any part of the “splinters of dusk”, since my current DSA-round is still with the G7-campaign. No joke, we just promise “Rohals” and currently hardly. If you are stuck, but more in the matter than I do, and then be sure to makes use of the following Link.

> To Survey


The Orkenspalter Forum is certainly well-known. You may not know, however, that there is currently a debate on the sense (and nonsense) of the DSA-letter game is running. Was triggered by the question of what, actually, the letter game, but only the question of whether it had not died long ago, brought the discussion to the roles. To take a look in the Forum, definitely worth it!

> To The Debate


The Aventurian pandaemonium has 160 pages, but Mháire Stritter was able to study these in the wind, although she had turned off the electricity! They reported at the beginning of the video review, I am sorry that you see in the Background a “unaufgeräumtes Billy-Regal”. I have to disagree! I think such a shelf – full of Fantasy works – is always very interesting and I immediately noticed that there, next to the guardian-of-night-series, many other titles that I would love to read time. Check it out for yourself!

> Go To Pandaemonium


Michael Kamphake supplies for long extensions for “AVENT Uriah – The adventure card game”. Now his latest work is finished: AVENT Uriah Origins presents an anthology of the archetypal hero’s individual adventure stories, which will outline a course of figures. With the archetypal hero, I mean, of course, Layariel tops Shine, Carolan Calavanti, Arbosch son of the Angrax and Mihriban al’Orhima. If you are not familiar with these four, you should be ashamed and finally start to play AVENT Uriah! Or you look in “AVENT Uriah Origins”…

> The Scriptorium


Yes, the term “adulation” sounds stupid and old-fashioned, but I absolutely must commend the editorial colleagues Felix my. It is actually only Recently in our Team, but has already written several great posts. His report on the RatCon(s) is up to date and everyone who is interested in DSA, should read it. Hidden in the report a note to future Heroes of the title is even.

> For The Report


I personally don’t believe that DSA contributes somehow to the fact that I am a better person. Sumaro of PnPnews has thrown this question – not in relation to me, but in General – still in the room, and understandable answers. Who, therefore, asks, what Pen-and-Paper role-playing games, psychologically or socially afford it at the following address to investigate… The author Sumaro you should by the way definitely not to be confused with Samuro, the last surviving blade master of the Horde… 😉

> to PnPnews

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