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From the Limbus: shiver me timbers! Mischievous on-the-go.

Today’s From the Limbus revolves around… the shade, a drink, go for a swim, cooling off.. well it would be nice, why no one writes reports on ice and the far North for us? Well, it’s rogue but it is Japanese, wet, a bit lazy. There are children’s stories, Posing, Interviews, CCXP, and reports on old and new fan projects.


Fauler Frühling

The part-time heroes refuse the summer and just stay in the spring. Nice idea, if it’s not a Lazy spring would be. The adventure can be played, so you might, without a struggle, to be launched, however, the part-time heroes, already in a bit of a Search & Find. For this, it has potential for further development, and also provides opportunities to link to more adventures. The Review contains a massive Spoiler (The section is marked), and is therefore suitable only conditionally for players who want to experience the adventure.
“The Article

Engor will spoil us with another Review of a Fanwerkes. The short story collection the children of The 23. Ingerimm, in the framework of the eponymous project in the Orkenspalter Forum created (which you like to participate can). Engor is very excited about the collection and after reading the Review, I have to lead me truly to heart, and I hope you do also.
“The Article

Self-promotion does not stink, at least on the Internet, because odors are not transferred. And when I say that it is a great Review for the adventures anthology game of intrigue & passion in Nandurion there is perhaps a bit redundant, because the further down the page already, but nevertheless, the pure truth.
“The Article

Great Schelmerei

VierHeldenUndEinSchelmApparently, the prankster has put a lot of generation points in heat resistance! 3 great article I can present here this week.

June Survey Results

The survey of the Four heroes and the Schelmes on the subject of demons is drawn to the end, the winner of the contest. Now you can gain experience in reading, which Erzdämonen as a Pact donors are particularly popular, or what demons thought of the participants.
“The Article

BlutnachtInterview with Daniel Jödemann

The rogue and Daniel Jödemann have time for a very detailed Interview. It’s about the new Dark times novels, of which the first volume of night’s blood, just appeared but also to the ensuing volumes, the author of life, card draw, and all the Rest.
“The Interview

Report of the CCXP

After a long day a long report will follow, maybe he has but there is elven blood and must not sleep. So he’s on the new fair CCXP to Köln made and you can his usual personal read report. In addition, he was also Co-presenter on the Ulisses on stage and in the Stream. Among other things, the Grolm was there and has talked about AVENT Uriah, why do I mention the extra? Pure self-interest, the same you see.
“The Article
“For The Twitch Stream

Aventuria NanduriaAVENT Uriah Nanduria

As already announced, will Nandurion in the future of the game AVENT Uria reports. In cooperation with the Grolm, there will be different deck meetings, the first coming on Thursday, I’ve read them already, look forward to what!

Cover posing

I mentioned the cover posing competition of the Nordcon in the last From the Limbus, which was really super fun, now can you look at the pictures really close to look. Let’s go!
“To the images

A sailor’s life is funny

Donnerhaus.euWe continue with the series “role-playing game on the lake” at the thunder house. In Parts 3&4 the things that I believe that most role-players are especially wild on you. Namely, voyages, exciting and battles! Jaha! And the thunder of the houses are full of ideas! We will Board the article! Arrr!
“Voyages exciting
“Ship battles guide and shape

Wiki Aventurica

“You can say that the [RHEAS] important parts of its created, what we today call culture, so he is the one devised thirty Kusliker characters and he is also regarded as the Creator of the Like-game.”

—from the book of the serpent

Warning: this article was automatically translated
from German and might be inaccurate
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