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Advent Calendar On 24. Doors

Seelenhirten 2a - Kors Kombattanten - CoverBehind the 24. Door we present the game assistance Kors-combatants, part 2a of the series soul shepherd by guest author Kai Lemberg. Therein trailer, and Dedicated to the battle of God Cor with a detailed Background and values for DSA4 will be.1.

In the series “soul”, the shepherds have appeared so far:
01 – servant of the gods Prince
02 – Rondras Stretching
13 – Black Sheep

Here we go to the game help

With this climax we decide on the calendar this year. We hope that this Time something for you was there.

And if it was you in between too fast, here again all the doors of the advent calendar 2019 at a Glance:

  1. DSA5 rule package , We are ORCS of Felixilius, Fenia winter cold , and Sirius,
    parallel to the advent calendar in the DSAforum
  2. Advent raffle with anagram puzzles of Curima
  3. Review of the hero of the Breviary of Havena of Derya
  4. Gift use and benefit Under the Firunstanne of the Nanduriaten
  5. Interview with Michael Palm and Lukas Zach from Nottel
  6. Myranor-game help , The gallows, the grave, and the ball of the dusk of Jan Stawarz and Sean David Schöppler
  7. Column From the value of the defeat of Krassling
  8. Game help Let the beast Inger los – A plea for the fairy Kingdom of Gabriel Gohr
  9. Column trees on lake roots – a demon ark for Armalion of Krassling
  10. Retro-Review: goddess of the Amazons by Thorus
  11. Column praises the Metagaming of seifer
  12. Myranor-game help Arbohakisto – A settlement in the far North of Jochen Willmann
  13. Retro-Review: A wand made of elm wood from Engor
  14. NSC-forge Avianna, the Beilunker Rider of Felixilius
  15. Game the help magic dances of forgotten times of Felixilius and Fenia winter cold
  16. Myranor-game help characters from the Horasiat Ochobenius of Daniel Bluhm and Jochen Willmann
  17. Retro-Review Like Sand in Rastullahs Hand of Thorus
  18. Interview with the authors of the Aventurischen herbarium of Queery
  19. Retro-Review On the access pass from Thorus
  20. Myranor-game help Lev Shije and Erylae of Daniel Bluhm
  21. Review AVENT Uria – fire tears of Nottel
  22. Myranor-short adventure With Neretons grace of Daniel Bluhm and Jochen Willmann
  23. Dispute AVENT Uriah – the tavern of the Black boar of Sirius and Nottel
  24. Game help soul shepherds 02a – Kors-combatants of Kai Lemberg

The desire to be in again this year an advent calendar with 24 doors to be established will be fulfilled. This can only succeed with the support of many writers, Illustrator, InDesign, interior, layout, proofreading and sponsors could.

Nandurion in thanks, therefore, very cordially:
The entire Team of Memoria Myrana, Ulisses games, clockwork publishing, Curima, Gabriel Gohr, Engors Dereblick and Kai Lemberg, Ianna of the Baskervilles, Jennifer S. Long, Ramona von Brasch, dragon mage, Steve Lillie, Alexei Axis and Susanne Boldt.

We are reporting for the year again. Until then, we wish you a peaceful and unhurried time.

Your Nanduriaten

Warning: this article was automatically translated
from German and might be inaccurate
© Nandurion

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