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5 questions: Winter Time Studios

In our section ‘5 questions…‘ to small and large DSA projects the opportunity to be given, at irregular intervals. After previously only Fan projects, our questions were, we dedicate ourselves today to a professional project.

Markus Winter, head of the Winter Time Studios, since June of 2017, the new DSA series of audio dramas. In cooperation with Ulisses developed radio plays, mainly by well-known speaker and excellent sound technology to convince. So far in the six-part first season of four episodes appeared in the fifth episode In the realm of the necromancers in the next few weeks will be available. Some of the reviews to the previously published follow are to be found here.

Hello Mr Winter, I’m glad you have found time for our questions. You are the founder of the winter time Audiobooks, an audiobook production company with own recording Studio in Remscheid. How did you get into audiobook production, and how it came to establishing their own Studios?

The Studio there was already longer time in Leverkusen. I made the end of the 1990s, training to be an engineer in Wuppertal, Germany, and shortly thereafter, the Studio set up. Initially, for music recording. In Parallel, I have always written, short stories, plays, detective stories, even a whole novel. As it 2005/6 the legal dispute in the case of the three ??? (cosmos vs. Sony), I had advertised me in EUROPE/Sony with a Story, and was adopted (published as a result of 8 “of-The-century stone” of the interim series, The DR3i). During the recording of the episode, I was in the Studio Körting. This was basically my first encounter with radio drama production. Radio drama Fan, I was anyway always. And I thought: Hey, You should write, in a Studio You don’t even audiobooks! Until I made then, but in fact, solely responsible for HIMSELF, took a few more years. After the fast end of the DR3i I made a few years first radio play commissioned work for, among others, the world or the Roman chest.

The production of the DSA series of radio programs was carried out in collaboration with Patrick Holt Heuer audio Archie and Ulisses games. For the scripts, the two authors Markus pot and Timo Reuber were responsible. Can you tell us a bit more about how the story of Gundar was gem-cutter and his companions?

Patrick of audio Archie came up to me. We wanted to make something together. He had already threaded contact Ulisses and the. He has also made contact with Markus Topf, with whom he had already worked on several other projects. I have never made a secret of the fact that I’ve played THE BLACK EYE never and me in the cosmos is ZERO know. Therefore, it was important to me that the authors know there the better. Markus and his Team have assured us that they are well-versed, therefore, you have to get the award. Patrick and I wanted to stay close to the cosmos of the game, but on the other hand, a Storyline present, the understanding of newbies and those people who are not DSA Fans. So a straight, generally understandable Fantasy story that does not disappoint, nevertheless the connoisseur. The concept was then designed to these specifications by Markus pot and his Team of Ulisses reviewed, modified and approved.

With Till Hagen, Marcus Off and Eckard Dux, to name just a few of the more well-known speaker, can come up the series with an impressive Speaker list. How hard is it, such a high-caliber Ensemble to put together? They had in the development of the story and the main characters the right voices in the back of the head?

Well, that’s Yes then, ultimately, are our specialty. 😉 Our other productions have consistently speaker in this category. Therefore, it was now difficult for the speaker. The cast is always done after the final script editing. Say, you edited and checked the scripts again (and reads), and results in an immediate mental picture of the respective persons, and I almost always also have a voice in the head. For some roles it was very easy and went quickly. Haughty Auelf – the NEED to make Marcus Off. Gandalf-like master = Eckart Dux. In the case of other thinking about and looking for something a little longer, until you have the right voice. Just in supporting roles, and also the Evil. But as far as the regular cast, it went very quickly and Patrick and I agreed on who should do it.

On the website of the winter time Studios the first four episodes of the DSA show up at one of the 6 best-sellers series. They are overall, with the success of the series satisfied? What reactions have you heard from your listeners, and, in particular, from the pages of the DSA-players, get?

This is so? We don’t get at all, what is there in our best-sellers. To neglect the sales via our own website anyway, because compared with the sales in the trade very little. But look at that. Yes, generally we are very satisfied. The sale of the reactions that we get even numbers are fine. And we must say, that actually gets you hardly any reactions, which is of course a pity. One, two, Unhappy make up air, any envious people write abusive reviews, a few Enthusiasts grab, thank God for spring, but the majority of buyers buys, listens and says nothing. This is actually getting tough on the Numbers. And they are very good and the follow through is also stable, so we think that it does very well out there.

Are there already concrete plans for a second season, and has already decided whether you want to build on the events of the first season, or perfect your own ways will go?

There are. Even for season 3. As I said, the series is very successful. And since this is so, we have made directly to nails with heads, and with two more seasons planned. The screenplays for the second, as the production starts in the spring, is expected to appear from Winter 2018/19. It is the same main people will be there, so once again, the group of Hothar, Gundar gem-cutter, etc., The third season is currently being designed, since you can’t tell much. But even there, it will stay with the same core characters, the way it should be so. But – it is written by a new author, the second is again from the Team pot, therefore, there will certainly be some Changes. Only, as I said, everything is still completely open. You have to wait then. Eventually there will be a Spin-Off with completely different characters, Aventuria is known to be large, but also because everything is open, let’s see.

Thank you for your time and your detailed answers, Mr Winter. And now, we won’t keep you longer, so that we and all the other listeners can see soon the next one is from the gem-cutter Saga!

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