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3 reviews related to Swords and Giants

Schwerter und Giganten

Three adventures contains the Tharunian adventure band Swords and Giants and three reviews have now been posted. In the case of the part-time heroes give Torben Schulze controller and as a game reviewer, the RHEAS-Consecrated Sarastro Patara, their impressions of Tharun and adventures. The impressions are to be found the RHEAS consecrated in diary form, of the desire to Experience the world and to show the differences of Aventuria. Torben is dedicated to on the other hand, the Review of the adventure strip itself and the individual adventure. Spoilers are mercifully hidden in collapsible spoiler boxes.

At the end of the ‘two’ reviewers show from the adventure band is convinced.

To Review the part-time heroes

Also on Nandurion put to the sword master, and sent two candidates in the race. At the end of found unicorn Cifer, as well as a guest writer Konstantin in their respective reviews little to complain about.

Konstantin’s personal Review, is aimed expressly to the Director of the adventure to prepare, or to curious readers the depth with the Settings apart. Who wants to play the adventure should not read this Review before. Each adventure has its own section.

Konstantin’s Review (Contains Spoilers)

Also Cifers Review warns of spoilers, but only in the part where the adventure goes, until then, you can safely read.

Both reviews are very detail rich, detailed and sure to enrich the adventure of preparation, or the decision which adventure you want to try it first.

Cifers Review

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